Chandler’s Small Business Accounting Experts

We work for YOU to Keep You Profitable and Keep Tax Liability to a Minimum!

Do you ever wonder why some business owners seem to pay less taxes, stress out less about their accounting, and have more free time to enjoy their family and friends? If I told you that entrusting their business finances to a team of professional and seasoned accounts made the difference, would you want to learn more?

My name is Deirdre Morhet and I started BASC Expertise several years ago after a successful career as a NASA Engineer. As an engineer, I enjoyed details, but I have always had a burning passion for small business, so I decided to apply those analytical skills to helping small business owners build strong and profitable businesses while helping to keep their tax liability as low as possible within state and IRS allowances.

I invite you to give me a call at 480-355-1398 and learn how my team and I can help you. Every business is unique and every business owners financial situation is different. We take pride in learn as much as we can about our client and their business, so offer them the best advice with regard to tax planning and running the financial side of their business.

I look forward to your call.


Deirdre Morhet, MBA
Founder, BASC Expertise